Claire McAdams, Realtor®, PhD, GRI

Claire McAdams

Realtor®, PhD, GRI

My roots and passion are in Austin, in the preservation of its historic structures, and of its extraordinary natural environment. Active in the Rosedale Neighborhood Association from 1984, I helped save the Moore-Hancock Farmstead from demolition and co-authored the Alta Vista Neighborhood Plan. As the daughter of two Austin mid-century modern architects whose mentor/employer was Roland Roessner, I was steeped in the modernist genre from birth. An early memory: crawling along a beam at a Balcones Drive job site at age four. Design/material strengths and weaknesses were typical dinner table conversation. One grandma's house was a 1949 Fehr and Grainger; the other, a Nancy McAdams design, is still in the family. My UT Austin (Sociology) dissertation chronicled the development of the Barton Creek mall and near-in watershed; I have done "participant observation" of later decades of land use decision-making processes in the ongoing urbanization of that watershed. I have been in Austin real estate sales since 1987, working the pre- and post-WWII central neighborhoods on both sides of the river: Rosedale, Highland Park, Northwest Hills, Crestview, Brentwood, Allandale, Barton Heights, Barton Hills, Bouldin, and Travis Heights. I love the process of renovation and of finding likely candidate structures. 'Senior transitions' in where and how we live now occupy much of my time and interest. I love to help clients and family navigate rewarding paths to 'preservation of ourselves'

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